Secret Keeper Girl: The Power of Modesty for Tweens by Dannah Gresh


Is your tween prepared for what’s ahead?

It used to be that middle school was the time to talk to kids about topics like modesty and body image. Unfortunately, the at-risk demographic for distorted views on the body is now girls ages 8–10. Fortunately, Dannah Gresh has provided a resource for this need.

Secret Keeper Girl is geared to helping tween girls understand their dignity in Christ. It features a creative self-help text format that includes sidebars, quizzes, games, exploded quotes, and graphics to help them absorb the message.

Here’s what author Dannah Gresh has to say about the motivation behind the book: “My past fifteen years of studying at-risk teen and tween behavior has over and over again led me to good news: girls who are exposed to an age-appro­priate, Bible-based understanding of beauty and fashion between the ages of 8-12 tend to be less likely to engage in early sexual activity or have body image issues. They are also more likely to have healthy friendships, excel academically, and become positive social contributors in their com­munities, all while expressing their beauty and value appropriately.

“It’s not rocket science. It is social science paired with a whole lot of prayer and Bible study. We can change what tween girls see when they look in the mirror by changing what’s inside their hearts.”

This is the heart behind Secret Keeper Girl:a desire to teach tween girls how valuable they are and how to honor their God-given dignity. Ultimately, it’s about grounding girls in their identity in Christ so the tumultuous teen years don’t uproot them.

This book pairs with Secret Keeper Girl Mom-Daughter Devos, allowing moms a helpful resource for walking through this formative time with their tween girl.

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Title: Secret Keeper Girl: The Power of Modesty for Tweens

Series (if applicable): N/A

Author: Dannah Gresh

Publisher (if applicable): Moody Publishers

Genre(s): Christian, Nonfiction

My Rating: five stars

My Review:

I’ve always loved Secret Keeper Girl. I was excited to discover this book! You know why? I own the whole, four-book Secret Keeper Girl series. Guess what? I still love them and read them somewhat often! 😀
I had high expectations for this book and they were pretty much exceeded.
Being a teenager myself, and although I’m already quite modest with what I wear (which is pretty much t-shirts, boot-cut jeans, tennis shoes, etc), it was quite a refresher to read about modesty once again. Many girls these days seem to think that wearing something too short or too low is acceptable and attractive. Attractive to guys and the world, perhaps, but in general it’s not acceptable to the Lord. This book helps young ladies strive to serve the Lord in what they wear, while providing some verses from the Bible and giving appropriate examples.
A  quote from the book:

“…I think it has a whole lot more to do with our hearts and why we choose our skirts, not how long it is.”

I have to admit I misunderstood it at first and I thought it was saying something along the lines of “it doesn’t matter how long the skirt is”, but after thinking about it for a couple of minutes and reading further, it clicked. The heart helps choose why we wear certain clothing, no matter how long or short it is. If we’re choosing to serve ourselves instead of the Lord, then we will wear clothing dishonoring to Him.
One thing this book helped me realize is that, although rather odd, I don’t spend enough time taking care of myself, hence the “I only wear t-shirts and pants”.
I totally recommend this book for young ladies 10 and older, although it might not hold an older teenager’s interest since it is for tweens. It does have a brief mention of a bra from a scenario, but does not discuss anything about puberty. This would be a great start for your daughter/younger sister if the time has come to discuss modesty in an appropriate way that is not alarming.

I received this book from Moody Publishers Newsroom in exchange for an honest review. I was not obligated to give a positive one.

This review was written in my own words and opinions.

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