The Ladies of Ivy Cottage (Tales from Ivy Hill, #2)


New from the Top Author of Inspirational Regency Romance

Return to Ivy Hill in The Ladies of Ivy Cottage as friendships deepen, romances blossom, and mysteries unfold.

Living with the two Miss Groves in Ivy Cottage, impoverished gentlewoman Rachel Ashford is determined to earn her own livelihood . . . somehow. When the village women encourage her to open a subscription library with the many books she has inherited or acquired through donations, Rachel discovers two mysteries hidden among them. A man who once broke her heart helps her search for clues, but will both find more than they bargained for?

Rachel’s friend and hostess, Mercy Grove, has given up thoughts of suitors and fills her days managing her girls’ school. So when several men take an interest in Ivy Cottage, she assumes pretty Miss Ashford is the cause. Exactly what–or who–has captured each man’s attention? The truth may surprise them all.

Meanwhile, life has improved at the coaching inn and Jane Bell is ready to put grief behind her. Now if only the man she misses would return–but where is he?

As the women of Ivy Hill search for answers about the past and hope for the future, might they find love along the way?

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Title: The Ladies of Ivy Hill

Series (if applicable): Tales From Ivy Hill

Author: Julie Klassen

Publisher (if applicable): Bethany House Publishers

Genre(s): Historical Fiction, Christian Fiction, Regency, Romance,

Recommended Age: Due to content, I would say 15 and older.

My Rating: five stars

My Review:

This was my first visit to Ivy Hill, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!
Since this was my first time reading a book in the series, book two might I add, I easily got into The Ladies of Ivy Cottage and barely got confused about anything in this book. It could be read as a stand-alone, as I probably made it obvious, but I think it’d be a good idea to read them in order since there’s backstories to discover about the characters. I plan to read the first book soon, since I got it from the library recently. I also discovered a website dedicated to Ivy Hill, so that’d be a great resource to check out. 🙂

Speaking of characters, I just adored Mercy. I found myself looking forward to her moments in the story, and starting to ship her with a certain Kingsley. She was so sweet, especially with her students at her girls school, and I really connected with her. The mysteries with Mary-Alicia’s child was so interesting and I really felt for Mercy about Alice.

Rachel was the second one I looked forward to reading about. She started establishing and running a lending library, and that really made me want to be there. Her moments with Sir Timothy were so cute…

Jane wasn’t particularly my favorite, but that’s mainly because I looked forward to Mercy’s scenes the most, along with Rachel’s. It was really heartbreaking to read about her five miscarriages, and her pain about not wanting to fall in love again. I got confused with Gabriel, since he was mentioned a few times throughout the book and then pops up later. This would probably be a hint to read the first book to understand everything better.

If you love historical fiction, a bit of romance, and mystery thrown in, you’ll love The Ladies of Ivy Cottage! You’ll probably like the whole series. 🙂

Content:(Besides the obvious romance) Mentions of a man and woman having a child together, but not being married; Mentions of a man being involved with a chambermaid & her being ill-used prior, chambermaid ends up pregnant; Mentions of a married man who committed adultery; Women ponder if another woman is a prostitute; Mentions of miscarriages

I received a copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review. I was not obliged to give a positive one. This review was written in my own words and my opinions.

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