A Most Noble Heir by Susan Anne Mason

A Most Noble Heir

Will gaining the world cost him everything he holds most dear?

When stable hand Nolan Price learns from his dying mother that he is actually the son of the Earl of Stainsby, his plans for a future with kitchen maid Hannah Burnham are shattered. Once he is officially acknowledged as the earl’s heir, Nolan will be forbidden to marry beneath his station.

Unwilling to give up the girl he loves, he devises a plan to elope–believing that once their marriage is sanctioned by God, Lord Stainsby will be forced to accept their union. However, as Nolan struggles to learn the ways of the aristocracy, he finds himself caught between his dreams for tomorrow and his father’s demanding expectations.

Forces work to keep the couple apart at every turn, and a solution to remain together seems further and further away. With Nolan’s new life pulling him irrevocably away from Hannah, it seems only a miracle will bring them back together.

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Title: A Most Noble Heir

Series (if applicable): N/A, stand-alone as of the time this was posted.

Author: Susan Anne Mason

Publisher (if applicable): Bethany House Publishers

Genre(s): Historical Fiction, Christian, Christian Fiction, Romance, Fiction, Historical Romance.

Recommended Age: Not recommended for anyone due to intimate romance.

My Rating:

two stars

My Review:

The synopsis was interesting, and was what originally drew me to this book (and I’ll admit the cover did too. I mean, a beautiful horse!). A servant who has noble blood running through his veins, yet didn’t know it? Sign me up!

I got into the book quickly, and found myself really caring about these characters. I felt for Nolan when all of these sudden changes occurred, yet was excited to see how this would turn out. His love for Hannah was cute, and he had this whole plan in mind for their future. Then came along the truth about who he was, and that changed everything completely. It got me asking many questions. Where was this going to go? Would Lord Stainsby and Nolan ever gain a strong relationship with each other?

Nolan and Hannah later elope. Okay, this was going to be interesting and bring some tension to Lord Stainsby. Then something happened that changed my whole opinion of the book. It goes into their wedding night slightly, mentioning how nervous Hannah is hiding beneath the covers. Then there are some mentions of not being able to sleep in a bed like a married couple. It was quite bit disturbing and awkward to read their intimate thoughts towards each other, something that really shouldn’t be put in a christian book for us to read.

I found it harder wanting to read, finding myself irritated with the intimacy that happened many times throughout the whole book. Honestly, I had to put it down for a few days before reluctantly coming back to finish it. Although I was bothered by the romance, I didn’t really feel like it was bad enough to just to DNF it since I’ve come across books unknowingly that were way worse. Actually, I found myself caring more about Edward (Lord Stainsby) and Iris’s little romance for some odd reason. I wish they could have had the spotlight more, as long as it was kept clean.

I was glad once the romance between Nolan and Hannah died down, and we got to see a father and a son bonding in place of that. I figured out something big was going to happen early on towards the end because of miscellaneous paragraphs that hinted at it, but the plot in general was something that was worthwhile to read. I found her writing style to be outstanding, and it makes me possibly want to check out her other books down the road, but I’m a bit wary now because of this was my first time trying one of the author’s books.

I wish I had known the romance was this intimate before starting this. Actually, I wish I knew the author wrote romance, specifically. Honestly, I’m not sure I’d hand this to anyone because the content was inappropriate and goes against my standards of what should be in Christian Fiction. I believe teenagers like myself don’t need to read something like this ever, or even adults too since intimacy should be kept privately, to a husband and wife only.

Content Warnings: Romance, passionate kisses as well as intimate thoughts and scenes; Some violence towards the end.

FTC disclaimer: I received a print copy from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review. I was not obligated to provide a positive one. This review was written in my own words and opinions. Check out my Amazon Afflilate Link and Reviewer Disclaimer pages.

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