The Lost Princess (The Fairy Tale Chronicles, #1) by Loretta Marchize *Blog Tour

Hey everyone! I’m participating in a blog tour for A Princess at Heart, but I’m only posting a review for the first book in her series. Which is the one below. Let’s get into the book review!

the lost princess

Cilla Starling has lived in the Kappaka palace as long as she can remember. Prince Ethan Villn and his family are in the prisons of the palace, and Queen Villn rules over her fearful subjects. When Lord Rush confronts Queen Villn- resulting in Cilla, Ethan, and Ethan’s family’s freedom -they decide to fight back. So begins a journey, to and from the White Kingdom, a gathering of allies, and a battle against a distraught Queen.
The four royal siblings who live next door in the White Kingdom are more than ready to help, as Queen Villn has caused quite a stir in their kingdom. In fact, one of them holds a secret to the location of the lost Villn princess, Ethan’s beloved younger sister, and perhaps the only person with any hope of talking to Queen Villn. If, that is, she’s brave enough to leave the safety of the White Kingdom.

The Lost Princess is a twist on the regular fairy tales, including the princesses Rapunzel, Snow White, Ariel, Melody (Ariel’s daughter), Cinderella, and Belle.

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Title: The Lost Princess

Series (if applicable): #1 in The Fairy Tale Chronicles

Author: Loretta Marchize

Publisher (if applicable): indie-author, self-published

Genre(s):  Romance, Fantasy, Fairy Tale, Fairy Tale Retelling, Fiction

Recommended Age: Tween (12-ish) and older, for some romance and violence.

My Rating: three point five stars

My Review:

The idea behind this story was interesting. I really liked the idea of combining fairy-tales, and I think this one really falls under that category quite nicely. That being said, there are some parts I liked and then was confused about.

The first thing I want to say is that the Queen was a realistic villain (and that makes me completely fond of the villain even more). I wasn’t really sure why she was bent on doing things her way when I first started the book, but I think that is something you have to discover along the way, and it ended up making more sense later on anyway. Once we were given some more information regarding her past, I actually started feeling sorry for her. I think she teaches us an important lesson, to be honest. Not to sound like a Jedi or anything: Once you go down a darker path, it really is harder to pull yourself out of it.

Cilla was an interested sort. At first, I really thought she was this dramatic person who wanted attention. As the story kept going, I realized she was actually just strong-willed and independent. Not to mention sarcastic. I can tell she really values her morals and is very outspoken about what she thinks on a matter. I have to admit I wasn’t sure who she was going to end up with. Because the one ship I actually had for her at first literally crashed and sunk. I wasn’t liking that at first, but I came to terms with it (being the dramatic me) and actually ship her with someone else now.

What was really hard for me was the huge list of characters in the story. I found myself not remembering who was who quite a few times until I got far enough in the story to have that figured out in my brain. I think it probably would’ve been better to not have all the characters go on the journey, especially when some such as Melody seemed kind of pointless. A bit lacking in character development, but I came to love a couple of these characters and am looking forward to the next time I’ll “see” them.

Another thing: the pacing. I felt everything went by too quickly. One moment they were traveling, the next they’re at the border, then at the city. I don’t know if it was just me, but that just really confused me at times.

The romance was actually very cute, and clean (with the exception of kisses and hugs before marriage for some readers). That’s good, especially because most fairy tales have that type of thing in it. I’ll admit it was a bit of a turn-off to see that most of the characters traveling together were in love with someone in the group, but I ended up thinking it was great in the end.

The content I would want to warn other readers about is: some violence; some bloody wounds from being stabbed by a knife. Again, some not-descriptive kisses and hugs between an unmarried couple as well as a few dressing scenes that were not inappropriate. I would think this would be appropriate for a young tween (12-ish) and older.

Overall, I want to see where Cilla’s future with another character goes, as well as Mason’s. This is an author I’ll be sure to be following.

The Author:


Teen author Loretta has written three novellas, all self-published and part of a series. She loves to run (cross-country), read, and write. She’s always cold- you can usually find her wrapped up in a blanket on the couch with a book and a laptop. Her favorite color bounces back and forth between blue, green, and purple. She loves chocolate- preferably dark with a hint of sea salt. You can usually find her on Goodreads, Wattpad, or on her website,

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FTC DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of this book. A positive review was not required. These are my honest thoughts and opinions. Check out my Amazon Afflilate Link and Reviewer Disclaimer pages.

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