Three Ellie Claire Art Journals (Review!)

Today, I’m doing something different. Instead of actually reviewing a novel, I had the wonderful opportunity to instead review three art journals by Ellie Claire! Honestly, I really love art. It’s so fun to look at, especially when I just search some up on the internet, and admire other people’s work. I’m not necessarily into doing art myself, other than sometimes drawing on envelopes, but I really do want to change that.

Note: I don’t know if this is technically a repost, but I was having HUGE technical difficulties. I was using the WordPress app on my phone to upload the photos of the journal, and I somehow managed to publish this post as well as one with photos of the journals (which I have since then deleted). The weird thing is that my app said that both said posts were simply drafts, and not published. I pretty much decided I’ll probably not be using the app again since things went kind of wacky.

The first journal that we will take a look at is Illuminate Your Story, which is below.

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I really like the cover. It is so simple, yet the design really gives the impression that the journal is meant for creativity. I love the fancy ‘S’!

The first few pages in this journal discuss the history of illuminated letters, which I find to be informative and awesome! I really enjoy learning the history behind things in our world today, and that was something that really caught my eye. I really never realized how much you could history you could learn from art as well as fonts.

What I really am thankful for about this journal is that it walks you through how to write letters in a fancy way. These two pages about the first letter of the alphabet really inform you on how to draw the letter. The dotted grid really helps you to be precise as you practice. I find the walk-through to be absolutely beautiful! I like how the flower wraps itself around  the letter. You also have plenty of room for writing throughout the whole journal, which is another plus!


I was surprised to find a little area in the back of the journal for your keepsakes. This would be the ideal location to store some meaningful notes that you treasure. I was slightly confused with the small elastic strapped around the book until I realized it was for your writing utensil (both a plus). I think this journal is worthy of five shiny gold stars!

Next up, we have the Faith and Lettering Journal!

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I’m going to be honest. This is probably my favorite journal out of the three. I have no words for the cover… it’s so gorgeous and screams “write in me!” The introduction is helpful as well as informative. The author of the journal explains what lettering is and how she discovered it, and she goes on to explain how to use the journal.

As you can see from the photos, you are able to practice your lettering with the different techniques. In the first picture, you can see that the first thing you practice with is San Serif. It’s a common font, often seen on the internet as well as on many graphics and items, is a great place to start! This comes from a beginner, and although I don’t have much experience with lettering as of yet, I know enough to tell that San Serif wouldn’t be the hardest font ever to start with.

The pages later feature more complex designs. The one featured in the second photo is a verse from the Bible, Ezekiel 36:26. This type of thing to practice sort of terrifies me because I would have no clue to begin (lol)! I can see these longer and more eloquent designs as something practice a little later once I have more experience.

There are beautiful pieces of artwork throughout the journal, and there are plenty of areas to practice your lettering as well as write about your day. The dotted grids are extremely useful, and give you the perfect advantage as to design the perfect quote design. This journal is five stars for sure!

Lastly, we have The Illustrated Word Coloring Journal.

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The cover matches the journal completely! I just noticed, after uploading the photos, that areas of it are colored in while others are blank, kind of like a coloring book. That was very clever, along with the title. Literally, the first page in the journal is one you can color! I love that verse, and the artwork that goes along with it is simply unique! The pages are thick enough that, even if you use a sharpie, they do not bleed through so you can color the pages in any way you choose.

The one thing I really wasn’t certain about was some of random pieces of artwork spread throughout the journal for you to see. I’m not sure if it was just me, but it was really off-putting and a little creepy. I think that they’re supposed to portray something, and maybe the first one is from the Bible, but I’m not that educated in specific portraits… I don’t know. Honestly, this journal is probably my least favorite due to the pieces I’m supposed to color in, but I do really like the ones with verses attached to them (such as the fourth photo above). I’m rating this journal three stars.

Am I the only one who had their tree set up on Thanksgiving day? 😛

I like these journals overall, and I’m rating them four stars altogether.

four stars

Seriously though, they would be perfect Christmas gifts for this upcoming holiday season, depending on if it fits the person’s interest, and I know I still need to do some shopping. I can see some of my family members loving these journals, especially The Faith and Lettering Journal, and these journals could be perfect for yours! The journals do use multiple versions of the Bible, including ESV and NIV, just in case you’re curious.

If you’re looking for something creative to do, then one of these journals ought to do the trick for you and satisfy the cravings!

Book provided courtesy of Ellie Claire through Flyby Promotions. These are my honest thoughts and opinions. Check out my Amazon Afflilate Link and Reviewer Disclaimer pages.


One thought on “Three Ellie Claire Art Journals (Review!)

  1. The Faith and Lettering Journal looks amazing!!! I don’t appreciate the Bible versions, but it looks so cool that I think I could look over it… at least I could learn more with it. And the WordPress app thing is weird… glad I don’t use it! I was a little confused when I saw that you had posted a post with a ton of pics… xD but now I get it. 😉 Anyway, thanks for posting about this!!

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