Dare (The Blades of Acktar, #1) by Tricia Mingerink


Courage could cost him everything.

Third Blade Leith Torren never questions his orders or his loyalty to King Respen until an arrow wound and a prairie blizzard drive him to the doorstep of the girls whose family he once destroyed.

Their forbidden faith and ties to the Resistance could devastate their family a second time.

Survival depends on obedience, but freedom beckons. How far does he dare go to resist the king and his Blades?

No matter what Leith chooses, one thing is certain.

Someone will die.

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Title: Dare

Series (if applicable): The Blades of Acktar

Author: Tricia Mingerink

Publisher (if applicable): Sword and Cross Publishing

Genre(s): Action, Christian, Christian Fiction, Fantasy, Fiction

Recommended Age: 13+, just for slight violence and romance.

My Rating: five stars

My Review:

Oh my, oh my! Dare was on my to-be-read list for years, and I got the first three books in the series for Christmas! Finally getting to read it… well, it was absolutely amazing! So, to begin my review as usual, I will start with the characters.

Leith was someone I sympathized with immediately. The beginning was a bit confusing for me, but I quickly learned what his occupation was and how that set the ball rolling for the rest of the story. He basically works for a king who does not believe in God. Leith was kind of cold in certain ways, yet that was because of how he grew up. He learned to never depend on anyone, nor show weakness. I can imagine it must have been humiliating for the assassin to show up at the doorstep of two teenagers home alone, and suffering with a fatal injury. As it probably seems obvious, Leith learns about Jesus… and that was so exciting to read. Like, it was so adorable how he grew interested in the Bible because of a few left-out-parts by Brandy… 😛

Renna was kind of harder to connect with in certain ways, but then I really understood her. When Leith shows up at her house, I would totally behave the exact same way she did after discovering who he was. She doubted God at times, even questioning how her other family members were fully trusting and she wasn’t. I can so relate to that because of what I’ve gone through as well. I liked the character development, and her relationship with Brandy was absolutely darling!

There were many stories of Danel told, and I actually enjoyed coming back to that because it has been a while since I’ve read that specific thing. I was really glad to discover that, instead of using allegories for Christianity as Narnia did, God was actually mentioned by name as well as the other stuff and it wasn’t hard to adjust to at all!

Although I rated the book five-stars, I did have a slight issue with the belief system (though I won’t argue about it) as I believe man takes the responsibility for his sin and asks for forgiveness, but the book had instead said God chooses the person for salvation and the person can’t do about it as they were a child of His. This personally wasn’t something that bothered me overly, and it’s something you notice if you have beliefs that differ, but it’s not stopping me from reading the next book in the series.

What I really admire is the fact that this book wasn’t centered around romance. I feel like many fantasies these days are completely focused on romance, especially inappropriately. Instead, there are a few minor attractions lightly described (such as “Why does he have this feeling in his stomach?” or a girl remembering her childhood crush on a friend’s brother), but it was not at all mentioned much.

There is violence in this book, but the author handles it well as it isn’t too descriptive in what happens. There are some scenes that would scare younger readers, such as slitting throats, murdering someone, or torture scenes, but it really isn’t horrible.

If you’re a person who loves fantasies, then Dare is totally worth checking out! It has everything a reader could want!

These are my honest thoughts and opinions. Check out my Amazon Afflilate Link and Reviewer Disclaimer pages.


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