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I put together a list of sources to find free ebooks from to hopefully benefit other bookworms. Please keep in mind that I’m not sure if certain ones have Christian titles and offer clean reads. I also do not endorse these websites/sources, and do not endorse their content. Just wanted to put this together for other bookworms. πŸ˜‰

Looking for book review programs instead?


I’m only familiar with using a Kindle and reading PDF copies, but I made sure to list sources for other devices/apps. πŸ™‚


If you’re looking specifically for:

Kindle ebooks, Amazon has a page called Best Sellers in Kindle Books and there’s a Top 100 Free section and if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can get a free Kindle ebook through Amazon First Read. You can also check FREE Kindle Books Daily.

PDF copiesPDF Origin has pdf copies of books you can get, and a review is not required. I searched and checked if it’s legit and I’ve found Lord of the Rings as well as The Last Guardian by Eoin Colfer. I would still be careful though because I haven’t had much experience with it. πŸ˜‰

Nook ebooks, check out this website.

Kobo ebooks, check out this website.

Other Sources (for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, PDF, etc):

Elisha Press – Three free christian fiction ebooks here. Just have to sign up for email updates. πŸ™‚

Project Gutenberg – No reviews are required! This is the oldest site for free ebooks on the Internet, mainly older books such as Little Women.

Callisto Publisher’s Club – You sign up with your email, and will eventually get a message with arc copies to choose. You are not required to post a review for ebooks you receive, but it is greatly appreciated if you do. I’m not sure what titles they offer (in other words, there might be some ones that aren’t appropriate).

Noise Trade Books – A free way to get ebooks and audiobooks. For the titles, you can help the author in a few ways: by tipping the author, sharing the book, and emailing your friends. You are not required to make an account, but they do ask for your email address and postal code.

*First to Read – Taken from the website and I quote:

“First to Read is a destination for readers and those who love to talk about and discover new books. First to Read provides members with the chance to be the first to read the best new books, before they hit the shelves.”

I have tried it a few times, but there’s not really anything that interests me personally. From what I gather, you earn up points and can put them towards a chance/guarantee to read an upcoming publication by Penguin Random House. (Also, watch out for certain titles. I have come across a few that are LGBT-related.)

Bookbub features limited-time offers for ebooks. Viewer discretion advised. has free ebooks, but you are required to make an account.

Ebook Deals (Baker Publishing Group) has monthly deals on ebooks and a few free ones monthly.

Freebooksy updates daily with free ebook deals, but discretion advised.

Smashwords has multiple free titles from indie authors. Discretion advised.

Goodreads – I found that Goodreads has ebooks that you can read, but read closely as some are just excerpts. Also, watch out for inappropriate titles.

Free Books, .99 & Giveaways group on Goodreads

Book Cave



Again, I do not endorse these websites programs and put them here for other bookworms’ benefits. I have not tried some of the programs/websites so you choosing to participate in them is at your own risk, and we cannot be held accountable for whatever you come across.

I found most of these on my own, but I also found a few through two other websites. It’d only be fair to cite my sources, plus they have a few more sources that I have not listed. Credit to:

The Balance

Ebook Friendly